The Trips Festival – 50 Year Celebration


On January 22, 2016 the California Historical Society celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Trips Festival with an event at Obscura Digital featuring Trips Festival organizer Stewart Brand. At the event, Trips Festival participants, scholars, historians, artists, musicians and technologists, commemorated this landmark event that helped launch the San Francisco counterculture movement.

At the event, Grateful Dead scholars Peter Richardson, Dennis McNally and Nicholas Meriwether discussed the origins of the band 50 years to the day of their first major performance in San Francisco, Anthea M. Hartig, Ph.D. and Stewart Brand discussed the origins and impact of the Trips Festival, and the Dadaband performed hits from the Dead’s early years.

Special thanks to: John and Lisa Pritzker Family Fund, Magnolia Brewery, the Magic Bus, and Obscura Digital.

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Jason Herrington